Where should I put my chicken coop?

This is a variable depending on your surroundings. Three Rules:

  • Safe from predators: Keep the coop in the best area to be free from snakes, dogs, coyotes, etc. The safer your chickens feel, the more they will nest.
  • Level, higher ground with good drainage: You should place the coop on level ground. We also recommend higher ground as areas that are saturated with water tend to have more bacteria which brings higher risk for disease. Water saturated areas are also not good for wood and may reduce the life of the coop. It’s a good idea to level the area and dig out a 3 inch wide rectangular trench that matches the bottom of the frame (4’x4.5’). Dig the trench 3-4 inches deep and fill it with sand on the bottom and small pebbles on top. Fill up the trench until the pebbles are slightly higher (1/2 inch higher) than the ground around it. This will assist in drainage and protect the wood.
  • Noise Considerations: Your chickens are going to make noise. Place them in an area where you can hear them as you may be able to help them if a predator is close to the coop. However, we don’t recommend putting them under your bedroom window either as you may not be as excited as they are every time they lay an egg!


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